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Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning
Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurants and other environments where food is handled require very high demand for cleanliness and hygiene. We have developed good restaurant cleaning procedures that ensure that our customers can focus on their restaurant operations.

Each restaurant is unique with its atmosphere. Some restaurants are open until late in the evening, some only for lunch. We have the best trained staff for each restaurant, and we clean when it suits you best and as often as needed.

Dining Space

  • Cleaning of all tables and chairs
  • Cleaning of doors
  • Replacement of garbage bags
  • Sweeping and mopping of floors


  • Cleaning of sanitary fittings
  • Cleaning of walls and doors
  • Polishing of mirrors
  • Sweeping and mopping of floors


  • Cleaning of all surfaces
  • Replacement of garbage bags
  • Wiping of doors and walls
  • Scrubbing the floor
  • Laundry can also be included in the work