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House Cleaning

House Cleaning
House Cleaning

We offer a great home cleaning service. In a Home Cleaning, we clean your entire home, such as vacuum, clean toilets, vacuum the sofer, make beds and wet dry the floors. We empty the trash. We make the home nice and very clean so that when you come home and open the door, your Home looks so lovely and amazing.

We offer home cleaning on a subscription, which means that a personal homercleaner regularly comes and cleans at the same time and day of the week or monthly depending on how you want your subscription. If you sign up to the subscription a contract would be sent to you. We make sure to keep the same staff, so that it is the same personnel who shows up every time your home has to be cleaned and we notify you immediately in case of changes. The cleaning should be done by staff you know.

Ongoing House Cleaning

We offer cleaning of your home on an ongoing basis – every week or two weeks. With our well-trained staff, we ensure that the home is kept clean. All rooms are thoroughly cleaned – we dust, vacuum and wet dry and we put some extra energy in the kitchen and the bathroom where we know that extra cleaning is often needed.

We also offer to add some extra care by ironing clothes and so if desired. We make sure to leave the home tidy and in a clean condition.