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About Us

About Us

Trendpersonal Sverige Services AB is a Limited Liability company operating in the Stockholm and Uppsala region. As a company, we offer different services, focusing on solutions for both private individuals and companies in Stockholm.

As a Company we have been active since 2018 as a Private Individual company with over 7 professional trained employees and now we are a Limited Liability Company.

With our years of experience in both the cleaning services and Staffing service we always stay up to date on the latest services in the industry.

Our goal is to offer good service and continue to develop to meet our customers’ daily needs. With staff from Trendpersonal Sweden AB you get the best services you need. As a company our customers satisfaction are very important to us.

You are very welcome to contact us!

RUT deductions for our cleaning services

The prices of TrendPersonal Sverige Services are prices after the tax reduction. If you buy household services from TrendPersonal Sverige Services, you get a 50 percent tax reduction on labor costs. This includes cleaning, laundry, ironing, window cleaning, gardening and much more at half the price.

Since July 1, 2009, the deduction is made for household services, which means that you only pay 50 percent of the labor costs at the time of purchase. TrendPersonal Sverige Services administers your tax reduction directly to the Swedish Tax Agency. Make life easy for you as a customer.

When you buy the service privately

If you buy TrendPersonal Sverige Services privately, you will receive an invoice with two payment options, an amount where the tax reduction is deducted and a great deal. If you still have room to use your tax cut, you can pay the lower amount. However, if the space is already used, you must pay the total cost.

Read more about the tax reduction at Skatteverkets hemsida

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